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HIYORI Design was established in Summer 2007. 

Hand in hand, the day is amiable with love.

Home is a rich and true happiness places, from day to day, I embrace the happiness of coming back home.   "Let the heart be soft, cherish but  not too cling." is our core value with our design value ,home become warm with love .  Through our designers , the heart of families can be soften .

From one person to one family, the definition of home is different.  We try to make design a vehicle to enclose each one’s heart ,and we find our the uniqueness of each person ,then gathering the meaning of “home” make living more comfortable and more harmonious.

Focusing on the concept of "family", we create a comfortable and free symbiotic environment for our family, cohabiting friends, children, and pets. We value family growth and interaction, and share the temperature of love, also to create a thoughtful public space for the family.

To make design value a harmonious house , is our highest mission.






更連續兩年通過ISO 9001:2015品質管理系統國際認證,


We have certified the international ISO 9001:2015 quality management system ,  In order to guaranteed our service quality ,and we will keep striving on systematise the  service process,  provide a professional and efficient service experience, and vertically integrate the life aesthetics-related on design industries .

In the future , we continue to optimize the goal to improve the quality of life  and creating a life aesthetic experience.

Team ​日和團隊

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